General Information GDPR

We safeguard your privacy

Axactor considers it important to prioritise the protection of all the personal data processed by us. We process different kinds of personal data about you in different ways for different situations, depending on what kind of relationship you have with us – for example whether you are a representative of a customer, supplier or public agency, a debtor or a job applicant. We can also process personal data about visitors to our website, depending on how you chose to interact with us. Whatever the situation, we promise that we will only use personal data for appropriate purposes and process your personal data in accordance with current data protection regulations.

• Axactor always processes personal data correctly, fairly and only for a stated, explicit and legitimate purpose or according to law.

• The personal data is only kept for the period required in order to serve the legitimate purpose.

• Axactor guarantees appropriate information security in connection with confidentially, privacy and accessibility.

It is important for us that you understand which personal data we process about you, why we do it and what your rights are. The privacy policy that is available via the link below describes in more detail how we process your personal data when we are the controller and thereby responsible for the processing of your personal data, for example when we are acting as a third-party representative in debt collection activities or when we ourselves carry out debt collection activities for receivables we have acquired. For some of our services we act as processor and only process your personal data in accordance with our customer’s instructions, e.g. when we provide invoice management services. For information about how your personal data is processed in relation to these services, we would ask you to contact your contract party, who is the controller.

Axactor also buys portfolios through our investment companies. For information about the processing of your personal data that is carried out by these legal entities, you are very welcome to contact us in those cases where we are their representative.

General information

You can find more information about how we process your personal data here

If you want to exercise your rights, have comments about- or wish to make a complaint in respect of how we process your personal data, how we handle your rights or have any other questions about how we process your personal data, you can contact our data protection officer, who will take a closer look at your case. Our contact details are as follows:

Postal address:
Axactor Sweden AB
Att: Dataskydd
Nordstadstorget 6
SE-411 05 Göteborg

Email address: 

Phone number:
+46 (0)31-383 38 10

If you are not satisfied with our response or believe that we are processing your data unfairly or illegally, you can lodge a complaint with the Swedish Data Protection Authority, which is the supervisory authority in Sweden. More information is available at 

Axactor shall guarantee appropriate and proportional security for the personal data that we process. We must report any personal data breaches to the supervisory authority, unless the personal data breach “is unlikely to result in a risk to individual persons’ rights and freedoms”. If a personal data breach is likely to involve a high risk to individual persons’ rights and freedoms, we are also obliged to inform the person concerned without unnecessary delay. To help us meet these important obligations, we encourage you to inform us of any breaches that you are aware of.